Governance NDS
NGO`s Development Society (NDS) is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization of civil society, established in 1998 and registered in 2000 under the Societies Act 1860.
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NDS Organizational structure  is consisting over three tiers i) General Body, ii) Board of Directors (BOD) and Secretariat. G.B comprises 19 members
in which 9 are women; BOD is 7 members including 4 office bearers and Secretariat is consisting over full time, part-time professional staff and
volunteers. The main head office is location in main place of Shahdadkot city and training center is at Qubo Saeed Khan.
Organizational Structure
Board of Directors

Name Designation Profession Contact No
1 Sikander Ali Chairman Social Worker 03363679846
2 Zarqa Amber Vice Chairperson Social Worker 03337505053
3 Muhammad Saleh Khoso General Secretary Social Worker 03322012442
4 Ahsan Ali Treasure Human Rights Activist 03453832440
5 Jameela Seelro Member Human Rights Activist 03352504849

Office Bearers

Name Designation Profession Contact No
1 Abdul Ghaffar Pandrani Executive Director Social Worker 03337500544
2 Mukhtiar Ali Manager Programs Human Rights Activist 03342893368
3 Rizwana Turk M&E Manager Social Worker 03313059670
4 Manzoor Ahmed Finance &HR Manager Admin & Finance  03332441952
5 Salma Bhatti Field Officer Women Rights Activist 03341291001
6 Muhib Ali Field Officer Social Worker 03337524337
7 Ali Sher Field Officer   03337523735
8 Nazar Muhammad Admin Admin 03363193827
9 Razia Social Mobilizer Social Worker 03332078813
10 Khair Bux Driver Driver 03358227839
11 Bagan Khan Office Assistant   03363674075
NDS Secretariat

Full time, part time professional paid and volunteer staff
is a non-profit, non-governmental organization of civil society and registered under the Societies Act 1860.
NDS was established in 1998 by a group of senior men and women political and human rights activists of the Shahdadkot Sindh,
in order to achieve goal of socio-economic justice for the disadvantaged social groups of the country by
undertaking integrated awareness raising, advocacy and development initiatives. NDS has adopted an integrated
right based approach to achieve own goal.