Food, Hunger & Livelihood Program [FHLP]
NGO`s Development Society (NDS) is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization of civil society, established in 1998 and registered in 2000 under the Societies Act 1860.
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Mostly peoples in the area are dependent on agriculture, where thousands of acres comes under water & crops has been totally destroyed and
even livestock deprived off fodder in emergency like situation. Flood washed their entire resource of inputs to cultivate their upcoming crop. The
overall scenario after the recent flood is critical, most of the population from the targeted area is highly affected, 80% of the households are
damaged or useless, and the survival channel of the local livings was agriculture. In post disaster situation, where poverty increased and also
generated unemployment, which needs to be address with most effective and flexible strategies to fight against poverty and to regularize their
income for their survival. After this disaster in Taluka Qubo Saeed Khan (District Shahdadkot), it comes out as dire need to initiate the process of
transformation of knowledge and traditional life skills through formal and informal means & building on local resources & ultimately it creates
opportunities against poverty and rehabilitation in the flood affected areas of Shahdadkot with objectively fighting the challenges of limited
employment opportunities and minimizing the gap & finding pride in their own background by keeping the culture alive
To Increase access to food rights and secure livelihood sources of more moralized and excluded social groups

Programís Objectives:
a) To organize and mobilize small farmers for their rights.
b) To create sustainable livelihood sources at local level for the decreasing poverty and unemployment.
c) To create awareness about food rights among communities.
d) To initiate and support food right campaigns at national and international levels

Programís Initiatives:
Farmer Groups:  NDS has formed 10 famers groups in main 10 DA villages in order to mobilize famers for their rights. Each group comprises 20
members including women farmers.
Farmerís Training: NDS organizes regularly trainings for the farmers and their groups in order to build their capacity and know-how about
farmerís rights and agriculture development especially in the context of sustainable agriculture.
Livestock Management: Livestock management is another area of work in this program in order to support and protect livelihood of the rural
communities. NDS organizes trainings regular basis for farmers and vaccination among livestock with the support of vitnarary department
Indigenous Seed Banks: NDS is promoting indigenous seed and increase access of small farmers to seeds at proper time. This purpose 10 seed
banks have been established in 10 farmerís groupís villages and providing seed since 2008 as revolving scheme to 70 farmers annually.
Food Rights Campaign: NDS supports food rights campaign at national and international levels. It is considering food as basic human right. It
celebrates Huger Free Week annually on the occasion food right day.
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