Emergency & Human Security Program [EHSP]
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Kamber- Shahdadkot district of Sindh is one of the disaster prone districts in Sindh, (heavy floods, droughts, earthquakes etc). Kamber
Shahdadkot district has been facing mostly floods from the mountain ranges of Baluchistan. Some flood disasters are:
· Heavy Rainfall 1942
· Floods Bolan Nadi 1976
· Floods FP Band 1994
· Floods Disaster  FP Band 2007
· Floods Torhi Band 2010
Current Flood Disaster has hit a vast area of the four provinces and known as worst, longest and largest disaster of the world history. Sindh
province is more affected province of the Pakistan. Upper part of province and its district Jacobabad, Kashmore, Dadu and Kamber - Shahdadkot
are most affected districts of the Sindh province. 
According to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) 1,544 villages are totally damaged, 1050000 populations have displaced and houses
damages (135,227).  District Kamber-Shahdadkot stands on 1st number due to affected area. Its total affected area is 865,800 acres from total 13,
36,820 Acres.145 IDPs camps have been established by government where more than 82500 people are living, 159091 houses are damaged, 44050
cattle are affected and 497384 acres crop land destroyed in throughout district Kamber-Shahdadkot. 
To secure human and livelihood losses in emergencies through integrated disaster risk management initiatives.
· To take measures for the protection  of the affected people especially marginalized groups during emergency
· To take steps for the provision rescue and relief services to emergency hit people at priority bases.
· To support district risk reduction policies and programs at local, national and international levels.
· To build capacity of disaster risk area’s communities for the effective management of disaster at local level.
· To take initiatives for the sustainable rehabilitation and reconstruction of the livelihood sources and community infrastructure.
Program Initiatives
· Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)  with UNICEF during  2010-2011 (see details in Health & Nutrition Program)
· DEC II 2011-2012 with ActionAid-Pakistan
· Prevention of Gender based Violence in Flood affected Areas with Shirkat Gah 2011-2012 (see details in Women Rights Program)
· Supplementary Food Feeding Project  with World Food Program (WFP) 2011-2012 (see details in Health & Nutrition Program)
· Emergency Response Project with ActionAid-Pakistan 2010-2011
· Cluster Coordination  and Camp  Management  (CCCM) with Premiere Urgence 2010-2011
· Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) with UICEF 2010-2011(see details in Education & Literacy Program).
· Transitional School Structure (TSS) Project with UNICEF in 5 flood affected district of Sindh 2011 ( see details in Education  & Literacy
· Community Nutrition with Concern Word Wide-Pakistan  2011-2012 (see details in Health & Nutrition Program)
· Immediate Emergency Response with ActionAid-Pakistan 2010.
· Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) with UNICEF and ActionAid during 2007,8 and 9. (see details in Health & Nutrition
· Emergency Response to flood Disaster 2007 with ActionAid-Pakistan.
· Flood Community Rehabilitation Project with ActionAid and AUSTCARE during 2008.
Project Title
Donor / Partner
Main Interventions/Achievements
UCs, Jamli, Qubo,
Bago Daro & Hazar
§ Provision of agricultural inputs to   654   families in 32 villages.
§ Provision of kitchen gardening kits to   654   families in 32
§ Provision of goats to   452   families in 32 villages.
§ Provision of cash for work to   326 families in 32 villages.
§ Provision of poultry to   654   families in 32 villages.
§ Provision of hand pumps to   86   families in 32 villages.
§ Construction of 326 latrines I 32 villages.
§ Construction of 510 permanent shelters in 32 villages.
§ Establishment of 3 Women & Child Friendly Spaces.
§ Renovation of 6 community schools.
§ Reactivation and strengthening 32 gender based village
rehabilitation committees.
§ Training on crop management for 654farmers
Training on livestock management for 500 farmers.
Response Project
Hazar Wah, Bago
Daro, Qubo and
Oxfam GB
§ Provision of food kits to 1000 Families
§ Provision of Hygiene kits to 1000 Families
§ Provision of household kits to 1000 Families
§ Provision of kitchen kits to 1000 Families
§ Provision of livestock fodder to 250 families.
§ Cash for Work in agriculture with 500 families.
§ Construction of 100 latrines in 32 village
§ Installation of 15 community hand pumps.
§ Establishment 6 women and children friendly centers
§ 32 hygiene sessions in 32 villages
§ 5 trainings on protection, 3 DRR and 1 SPHERE Standards.
2 public forums and one conference on flood issues.
2010 -
Premiere Urgence
§ 25 Camp Assessments at Kamber & Shahdadkot.
§ Establishment of two tent cities for 750 families.
§ Provision all basic health and hygiene facilities and services to 2
tent cities.
§ Provision of NFIs Kits to 750 families.
§  Establishment 2 child friendly spaces
Response 2010
Shahdadkot, Qubo
Saeed Khan
ActionAid, Shirkat
Gah, UBL and Al-
Mustafa Trust
§ Rescue services to 410 families
§ Food kits provision to 400 Families
§ NFIs kits provision to 200 families
§ Hygiene kits provision to 200 families Drinking water to 318
§ Establishment of Medical Camp at Saifullah till one 1.5 month.
§ 32 mobile medical camps at Shahdadkot
§ Medicines provision to 3534 families
§Installation of filter purification kits to 43 IDPs camps.
Flood Emergency
Relief 2007
Taluko Qubo and
§ Managing 8  Relief Camps  350 families
§ Reuse 150
§ Provision Food 350 Families
§ Provision food kits 500 Families
§ Provision of hygiene kits 500 Families
§ Nutrition Kits 500 Families
§ NFI and Relief Material 100 Families
§ Water Canes 500 Families
§ Plastic Sheets 200 Families
§ Mobile Health Clinics 25
Flood Community
Taluka Qubo
§ 65 houses were constructed of cemented blocks.
§ Wheat seed was provided to 100 farmers.
§ Food kits were provided to 200 families.
§ 75 hand pumps were installed.
§ 50 Goats were providing to poorest women.
Establishment of Early warning system in 10 villages.
Food Program
Shahdadkot, Qubo
Saeed Khan,
Mirokhan, and
District Larkana
World Food
Program (WFP)
§ Rapid Nutrition Assessment is conducted and report available
§ Around 4024 children and 500 PLW are screened in the
community using MUAC tape.
§ Around 42247 children and 7,502 mothers are provided with
multi-micronutrient supplements
§ Health and nutrition counseling
Summary of Program Interventions & Achievements