NDS aims and Objective
NGO`s Development Society (NDS) is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization of civil society, established in 1998 and registered in 10th January 2000 under the Societies Act 1860.
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On the path of struggle for the betterment of the society
NDS Vision
NDS envision a society free from all forms of discrimination, exploitation and violence on the basis of gender, cast, race, religion,
language etc.
Mission Statement
To initiate  and support  campaigns, programs and policies regarding to eradicate all kinds of discrimination, illiteracy, injustice,  illness
and poverty from the society especially marginalized, unprivileged social groups and areas in order to achieve goal of socio-economic
justice in the country through integrated rights based approach and participatory development initiatives.
Main Objectives
v To organize and mobilize disadvantaged social groups and rural communities for their empowerment through raising awareness,
mobilization and group formation.

v To promote and protect human rights especially disadvantaged social groups like: women, children, farmers, workers and
minorities at gross root level through human rights education and advocacy initiatives.

v To improve socio-economic conditions of rural communities by undertaking integrated and participatory community development
initiatives in education, health and water and sanitation fields.

v To empower women and youth through mainstreaming them into development and political process of the country and to increase
their access to institutions, resources and knowledge.

v To support and strength community groups and civil society organizations in order to achieve their goals through capacity building
and coalition building initiatives.

v To promote and protect natural resources and environment in order to achieve goal of sustainable development. 
Organizationís Aims and Objectives